TAG Video Systems Demystifies Format Alphabet Soup


ISR: TAG Video Systems' next webinar in its popular 2020 IP Academy series is on Tuesday September 15, at 11:00am Eastern Time.
Tomer Schechter, TAG V.S. CTO and Founder; and Paul Briscoe, TAG V.S. Chief Architect will present:
Format Alphabet Soup: Pros and Cons of HLS, DASH, NDI, 2110 etc.
Join Tomer and Paul as they demystify the format alphabet soup that the industry is navigating daily. They'll draw on their vast knowledge to explain the differences between formats, identify each one's advantages and disadvantages, and examine the functionalities that differentiate one from another.  The discussion will be punctuated with real-life examples of recent client installation experiences that include transport, compression and distribution applications.
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According to Briscoe: "This is a difficult time for our industry and we're presenting these webinars as an Academy series to share our knowledge and experience. The array of formats and protocols that broadcasters are faced with when delivering video content can create complexities. We aim to guide them and to help simplify these challenges."
The current series comprise two webinars per month that will run to the end of December 2020.
The schedule for future webinars is as follows. 
October 1st - How to Monitor Metadata.
October 20th - Multiviewing for Interlaced Video Formats.
November 5th - Selecting Monitors for your Multiviewing Application.
November 17th - Avoiding Latency in IP Media Transport.
December 10th - Monitoring and Alarming in IP Systems.
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