Successful Launch For Arabsat 6A Satellite


UAE / USA: Arabsat 6A Satellite, the last of its sixth generation satellites, has successfully been launched by Falcon Heavy, from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. 
The Falcon-Heavy rocket was launched carrying Arabsat 6A satellite, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, to be placed in the orbit of Arabsat 30.5 degrees East.
Arabsat-6A is a high-capacity telecommunications satellite that will deliver television, radio, Internet, and mobile communications to customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
Khaled bin Ahmed Balkheyour, President & CEO of Arabsat, said: "We are thankful for 6A satellite launch success as it was challenging for us and SpaceX because it is the first largest and heaviest satellite lifted by SpaceX on the most powerful rocket in operation today, the Falcon Heavy, which was designed specifically to launch such a load commercially. That is why this launch is considered a momentous leap in the field of commercial satellites manufacturing and launching.
“Built by Lockheed Martin, Arabsat 6A is the largest and most powerful commercial satellite Lockheed Martin has ever produced,” Balkheyour added. “The modernised LM 2100 includes several innovations that make the satellite more powerful, more flexible and more versatile in orbit. Arabsat 6A provides advanced Ka-spot beam communications services and Ku and Ka-band coverages in addition to other frequency bands. It will be located at Arabsat exclusive orbital position 30.5, supporting Arabsat competitiveness, as the first satellite operator in the region, in respect to its capabilities and satellite broadcasting services.”
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