Sony NAB Theme - 'Powering Today, Transforming Tomorrow'


USA / GBR: At NAB 2018, Sony will highlight its portfolio of products, services and technologies for its broadcast and media customers.

From news, sport and live production to display, presentation and more, Sony will be demonstrating its ability to deliver transformative solutions for all budgets and every application - today and tomorrow.

Sony will underline its role as a strategic business partner to its professional customers. Under the banner of 'media solutions for the real world', showing consolidated Cloud services together for the first time. Alongside IP Solutions and a complete HDR/UHD workflow, Sony's highlights run from acquisition to archive.

Imaging, display and cinematography

A focal point of the Sony booth at NAB will be the modular Crystal LED display system (above,) with a stunning visually immersive display in a gigantic frame setting.

Shipping now, VENICE (left)is the next generation full-frame motion picture camera system that pushes the boundaries of large format image capture with exceptional picture quality, phenomenal colour science and user-friendly operation.

Sony's latest studio cameras and 4K handheld camcorders raise the bar with spectacular HDR/UHD picture quality and exciting new workflow possibilities in a wide range of applications, from TV broadcast to corporate production, education, faith and online content creation.

Further digital imaging announcements will be made at NAB that underline Sony's commitment to take professional content creators even further Beyond Definition.

IP Live production

Sony is continuing to invest in IP Live interoperability with commitment to further industry standards, and the development of solutions that are ready today, open for tomorrow. As a member of the IP Alliance, which now boasts over 70 manufacturers, a founding member of the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and a SMPTE member, Sony has played an active role in contributing to the development, adoption, standardisation and refinement of standards and protocols for live production over IP.

Consolidated Cloud Services

NAB visitors can discover the benefits of advanced Cloud-based ENG workflow and streaming capabilities powered by XDCAM air. NAB will provide the opportunity for Sony to show closer integration between Sony services and systems, including increased market benefits for Media Backbone Hive and XDCAM air.

Content management & workflow automation

Sony aims to help media organisations work smarter by developing new technologies and services that increase the content value. This focus on customer needs to drive greater cost efficiencies and achieve multi-platform delivery is at the forefront of Sony's content management and workflow solutions. Media Backbone NavigatorX is the Content Management and Workflow Automation System that makes finding the right content as easy as searching the web, making collaboration for creative teams more efficient, reducing manual intervention and driving new ways to optimise third party integration throughout the media supply chain. In addition, Sony will also show the latest enhancements in its Cloud-based collaboration tools with its Ci Media Cloud Services platform.

Digitising, Archiving and Preservation Services

On-premises and Cloud solutions - including storage alternatives with Sony's second-generation Optical Disc Archive, as well as archiving and content management services that include Ci and Memnon Services - enable organisations to securely store, access and monetise their precious content assets in a range of business models to suite the customers content needs. This also demonstrates Sony's increased capabilities of Cloud integration with a choice of content management and storage services.

Media Supply Chain Management, Distribution and OTT Services.

Showcasing Cloud-based workflow automation to deliver multi-platform content, to content aggregation in order to provide full OTT services, Ven.ue is Sony's end-to-end Cloud based video distribution service that delivers content to multiple platforms on behalf of media owners and broadcasters globally.

"By delivering transformative media solutions we're enabling our customers across a wide range of industry segments to engage audiences; ultimately helping them build their own brands and audiences," commented Stuart Almond, Head of Marketing, Media Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

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