Solid State Logic Launches New Audio Interfaces


GBR: Solid State Logic (SSL) has launched its first-ever dedicated audio interfaces as part of their new personal studio range: the SSL 2 and SSL 2+. 
Both are USB-powered and include class-leading mic preamps, legacy 4K analogue enhancement mode inspired by classic SSL consoles, studio-quality monitoring, and an SSL Production Pack software bundle.
SSL has been designing cutting-edge mixing consoles and processing tools for over four decades. The new interfaces take this technology and know-how and places it in the hands of today’s creatives and aspiring professionals. Designed to be at the heart of a project or personal recording set up, the SSL 2 personal studio is ideal for individual singers, songwriters, or media producers, while the SSL 2+ collaborative studio provides expanded I/O for musicians working and recording together.
“When SSL's founder, Colin Sanders set about making his first mixing console in the early 70s, he did so because every other console at the time fell short of his expectations and needs,” said Niall Feldman, Director of New Products, SSL. “Fast-forward 40 years, that same philosophy has inspired the team to create the SSL 2 and SSL 2+ for the personal studio market, and share some of that amazing technology in a new format.”
The 2-In/2-Out SSL 2 packs in two classic analogue mic preamps together with 24-bit/192kHz conversion to capture and hear every detail; a single high-grade headphone output; easy-to-use monitor mix control for critical low-latency monitoring tasks; and balanced monitor outputs with an impressive dynamic range. In addition, the ‘Legacy 4K’ mode – inspired by the SSL 4000 series consoles – gives users the ability to add extra analogue character to input sources. The included ‘SSL Production Pack’ software bundle, which includes some of SSL's own studio-grade Native plug-ins, also provides an arsenal of tools for refining recordings. 
The SSL2+ feature set builds in a production hub for those wanting to collaborate, with an additional headphone output with independent monitor mix, MIDI I/O, and additional un-balanced outputs for DJ Mixers.
Andy Jackson, Studio Product Manager, SSL, said: “We focused on developing the best sounding and performing audio interfaces at this price point, and then raising the bar again with features and add-ons that we feel make that difference when creating.”
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