InGear Adds To Dominator Range


USA: has announced a new addition to its Dominator range with the launch of a new aggressively-priced server, designed especially for the fast growing 4K market. 
Designated Dominator AT/12G, the new server provides advanced slow motion and instant replay capabilities as well as direct recording for editing ‘on site’. In the 4K mode, it supports the 662 configuration (6REC + 6SEARCH + 2PLAY), however in 3G/HD replay mode it supports 10-channel recording, search on all channels and four channels replay (10REC + 10SEARCH + 4PLAY). Mode switching is achieved with one-button push and does not require any reconfiguration of the system. 
“Since many manufacturers use 12G SDI interfaces for 4K (UHD) operation, the new server is equipped with 12 universal 12G / 3G / HD / SD video interfaces,” said Michael Gilman, CEO, “This allocates one (BNC) connector for all standards, which perfectly fits modern cameras and mixers and significantly reduces the number of connecting cables.”
Building on the success of previous models, the Dominator AT/12G offers enhanced replay capabilities with two operators working simultaneously on the same unit. With four independent graphics outputs, each operator can work with separate monitors using the main GUI and Multiviewer. The GUI built-in Multiviewer has five basic configurations, displaying video windows of different or equal size, for input video, search channels, and video outputs.
Of value in compact OB environments, an optional MultiSkin function allows the user to display several different interfaces on one monitor. These include the main GUI interface, Multiviewer and Game Analyzer (Telestrator). 
The €80,000 base configuration includes the 4U server unit, 266 hours capacity of SSD storage (100mbit HD video), 10GbE and 12G SAS connectivity, redundant power supply, remote controller and DMR ProRes 422 support for 4K mode, Telestrator and transfer options.
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