Shotoku Boosts Enhanced ECI Automation Interface


GBR / NED: Shotoku will demonstrate the powerful features of the Enhanced ECI Automation Interface for its flagship TR-XT robotic camera control system at IBC2017, giving show attendees the opportunity to try it out first-hand.

James Eddershaw, Managing Director, Shotoku UK, said: "IBC provides an excellent opportunity for our customers to get hands-on experience with our solutions and learn first-hand why Shotoku remote camera systems are increasingly used in ever larger deployments worldwide. We're delighted to be demonstrating the capabilities of the new ECI Automation Interface, which adds a new layer of intuitiveness and delivers valuable functionality and efficiency to live broadcast environments."

Known for its advanced feature set and flexibility, Shotoku's TR-XT control system allows operators to take instant control of robotic cameras. The system provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface and supports automation through the External Control Interface (ECI). Already widely deployed by customers globally, the addition of the ECI allows users to quickly recall pre-set camera positions during the live broadcast, delivering greater efficiency.

In addition to pre-set shot recall functionality, the new Enhanced ECI now also supports full joystick trim control, to adjust and re-store the pre-sets as necessary, either from the automation system or vision switcher panel itself. This added level of external control delivers an additional layer of responsiveness. For example, if the presenter adjusts their position slightly when live on air, there is no need for a dedicated camera operator to intervene - the automation system allows a vision director or other operator to trim the shot on-air as needed.

The enhanced ECI also provides an interface for Facility Management and Control Systems, allowing a TR-XT controller to be reconfigured remotely. For example, cameras from alternative locations can be instantly mapped to a particular control panel during control room reconfiguration.

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