RTW Updates Plug-In Suites


GER: RTW has announced updates to its plug-in suites, as well as the introduction of a new stereo-only version. 
The plug-in suites are updated to version 4.1, introducing a new licensing system that is server-based and therefore shareable. The multi-seat licenses can be installed on a server and shared across a local area network, which will benefit large facilities in terms of production workflows with multiple contributors. Two multi-seat licenses are available – 2 seats and 10 seats.
Previously, the RTW plug-in suites have been for both stereo and surround productions, but now a dedicated stereo-only version will also be available, as a cost-efficient alternative. As not all producers – particularly in music production – have a need for surround audio metering or processing, the surround versions of the plug-in suites still include stereo operation.
The multi-channel features of the surround plug-ins have been improved, as the surround version now aligns with the Pro Tools channel layout from mono and up to eight channels. Furthermore, in the setup page, a new channel activity indicator makes it significantly easier for users to set up their multi-channel workflows.
The new version 4.1 of the RTW plug-ins is compatible with the latest operating systems, including macOS Mojave and Windows 10 in order to integrate with any system. This applies to both the original stereo+surround edition, as well as the new stereo-only version.
Version 4.1 is a free update to existing users, while for new users, pricing starts at USD 99 MAP. A complete pricing overview, including upgrades from stereo-only, is available in the RTW online store.
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