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USA / NED: It has become common to say that the pace of technical change has increased remarkably across consumer and professional products. The anticipated lifespan of equipment has shortened, as new equipment with real improvements at affordable prices seems to always be on the horizon. 
There has been more fundamental change in the camera market over the last twenty years than occurred across decades before that. The advent of ‘prosumer’ mini tape, then non-tape acquisition on hard drives or various flavors of removable small media, allowed camera form factors to deviate from the ‘on the shoulder’ standard that had dominated the market. 
Improvements in sensors and compression and miniaturization of electronics allowed the next big step in non-film, non-tape acquisition. This meant cameras became smaller and cheaper and yet acquired better images in more possible formats than ever before. More powerful cameras have quickly emerged in smaller form factors at better prices. 
Professional Powering
Accessory support matters. Core SWX identified the continuing trend towards more compact digital cinema cameras, and has fashioned a power solution that matches the form factor of the smaller capture devices. Its new Hypercore 9 Mini (HC9 Mini) allows production teams to stay mobile and light. 
The HC9 Mini maintains all the features of the company’s established Hypercore line, but was designed with smaller cinema cameras in mind, such as the RED DSMC2 and ARRI ALEXA Mini. Measuring only 3.54 in. x 4.65 in. x 1.90 in. (.09 m. x .12 m. x .05 m.) and weighing only 1.4 lbs. (635 g.), it is ideal for today’s lighter and more mobile camera set-ups. It’s available in three versions including standard V-mount, RED-specific V-Mount, and a Gold Mount version that is compatible with Anton/Bauer® chargers.
The HC9 Mini is a 98wh (14.8v) battery with a 12A load that uses the latest in lithium ion technology. It comes with an LED backlit runtime LCD on the front of the battery pack that identifies how much battery time is left when in use, and also indicates remaining charge time while connected to a charger. This allows users to plan their shoots down to the minute – a professional feature in a compact package for the smaller camera market. 
A huge differentiation between budget batteries sometimes deployed with smaller rigs and real pro batteries is build quality and long-term durability. The HC9 Mini’s battery cells are encased in an over-molded, rubberized housing, providing protection against accidental impacts that may occur when operating in rugged conditions. Like several other Hypercore batteries, the HC9 Mini is safe and legal for air travel.
Traveling Power
Small cameras make travel easier. The HC9 Mini and Core SWX’s new Fleet Micro Chargers provide the most compact, professional power solutions for travel.
The range of Fleet Micro Chargers offers a complete battery management system and the fastest battery charging times in the industry of four 98wh packs in less than 2.5 hours, including an on-board LCD to monitor the battery packs’ smart battery data. The charger offers a TEST mode to determine battery health and recharge performance. The chargers, available as V-mount and 3-stud charging solutions, with two and four position options for each, are compatible with Core SWX, RED and Anton/Bauer battery packs, providing peace-of-mind for crews on location with legacy packs or rental batteries.
Fleet Micro Chargers also include a SafeFly mode, which allows users to prepare batteries for air travel or shipment by discharging the packs down to 30 percent with a click of a button. A ‘hypercine mode’ parallels all packs and provides power to either an unregulated 12v-16.8v 4-pin XLR or a 28v regulated 3-pin XLR DC output to power large-draw setups.
All of these professional features come in a package that fits in with the overall need to keep weight and size down. Each four-position Fleet Micro Charger measures 9.1 in. x 3.35 in. x 12.17 in. and weighs 5 lbs., while each two-position model measures 9.1 in. x 3.35 in. x 6.57 in. (.23 m. x .08 m. x .16 m.) and weighs 1.8 lbs. (816 g.).
As cameras evolve and smaller units are used more and more in pro applications, the equipment that powers and supports the revolution needs to evolve too. 
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