Pliant Technologies Brings Latest Products To IBC


NED: Pliant Technologies will feature its latest solutions at IBC2019 next month.
On show will be latest firmware update for the CrewCom wireless intercom system, along with the newly enhanced SmartBoom series of headsets. Pliant will also demonstrate new accessory products including the new Drop-in Charger, Fiber Hub, and FleXLR gender adapter, which provide a unique solution for customers using legacy headsets with CrewCom or other 4-pin devices.
“At Pliant Technologies, it has always been a priority to create customer friendly state-of-the-art communications solutions,” said Gary Rosen, Vice President of Global Sales for Pliant Technologies. “With the ever-changing RF landscape worldwide, Pliant products must constantly evolve to meet the demands of many different production environments. The systems’ downloadable firmware updates provide broadcasters and a range of production applications with adaptable solutions that fit almost any intercom-related need. At IBC2019, alongside the latest CrewCom system, we are excited to showcase our newest accessories, including the FleXLR – a small headset connector solution with big capabilities.”
The newly released CrewCom firmware update includes numerous system improvements as well as the incorporation of new Oceania 900MHz models.
The company has recently updated its SmartBoom LITE and PRO headsets to offer improved audio quality and comfort. The SmartBoom LITE Single Ear Headset (PHS-SB11L) features an updated dynamic noise-canceling microphone with wider frequency response and increased sensitivity. The enhanced speaker has a wider frequency response and reduced distortion. It also features an updated foam ear pad for added stability. SmartBoom PRO headsets, offered in both single (PHS-SB110) and dual-ear (PHS-SB210), are available in several terminations and feature a reduced mic housing enclosure and windscreen for maximum wind noise reduction. 
Pliant’s line of communications headsets incorporates a convenient flip-up microphone muting feature and are specifically designed for comfort, flexibility, and durability as needed in the most demanding professional environments. Both the SmartBoom LITE and SmartBoom PRO Headsets are available in 4-Pin Female, 5-Pin Male, Unterminated, and Dual 3.5mm connectors.
The new Drop-in Charger (PBT-RC-66) allows six Radio Packs plus six additional batteries to charge in the same device for more effective battery management on location. The CrewCom Fiber Hub (CHB-8F) expands system capabilities for a more efficient system deployment by allowing up to eight fibre connections using standard SFP-based connectivity supplied with single mode fibre ports along with a single RJ-45 copper port to interface to existing CrewNet connections. The addition of a new compact FleXLR gender adapter gives users the flexibility to connect headsets to devices with non-matching 4- and 5-pin XLRs, such as CrewCom radio packs or control units, while allowing customers to choose from a larger range of compatible headsets.
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