Oracle Webinar - AI & Machine Learning for Oracle Database


USA: Watch the Oracle on demand webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Oracle Database.
Traditional approaches to building models are not ideal (time consuming, separate environment, manual processes, difficulty to move the process into production).
Everyone is talking about machine learning and AI - but what do they really mean for your day-to-day experience?
Large and small businesses alike know the value of applying machine learning technology to solve key business problems and achieve competitive, if not leadership, position in their industries. To democratize machine learning across the enterprise and further the ability of businesses to leverage powerful machine learning tools, Oracle Database now includes all functionality.
Register here to join this webinar to hear why machine learning is so critical to exploring, understanding, and analysing data.
During this webinar you will learn how :
  • Machine Learning is using historical enterprise data to make better predictions and recommendations
  • To get more and better models than traditional approach
  • To delivered faster and with much less effort
  • To get better protection and security
Featured Speaker for the event is Tansel Okay, Systems Solution Engineering Director, Oracle.
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