OpenDays Sony x multiCAM Virtual Showcase


multiCAM systems are excited to introduce the OpenDays Sony x multiCAM virtual showcase!

Over the next few weeks multiCAM will be available online to show you - first hand - just how interactive and immersive multiCAM solutions combined with Sony products can really be.

Due to the pandemic, broadcasters have had to quickly revise their operations and migrate their workflow offsite. At the same time station staff still needs to ensure the continuity of compelling programming, no matter where they are.

What better way to do that than with a complete line of products specifically designed for this purpose?

During your personal 30-minute interactive session, you'll learn about multiCAM and Sony integrated video production solutions, such as the multiCAM PILOT remote controller, multiCAM AIRBRIDGE guest manager and the multiCAM BACKDROP virtual production solution, and more.

Let multiCAM take you on a virtual trip toward the discovery of technology that will allow you to quickly and easily create powerful and immersive content from anywhere.

BOOK an online appointment now and get ready to pack your imaginary bags and step into the future of broadcasting!.
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