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SINGAPORE: Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, will be showcasing its new range of arrowFX Fluid Heads and the Skyline 90 Fluid Head to the Asian market at BroadcastAsia 2017. 
“The introduction of these new solutions to our customer base in the Asian region is a milestone for Miller,” says Joseph White, Regional Sales Manager, Asia and Africa, Miller Camera Support Equipment. “The arrowFX Fluid Heads feature the patented CB PLUS™ technology, which is perfect for any broadcast where frequent and fast rigging is required. The Skyline 90’s robust construction is ideal for the challenging requirements of large outside broadcast productions. We look forward to hearing our customers feedback as our company is always looking to evolve with the growing needs of the industry.”
An extension of Miller’s new arrowX line of fluid heads, the arrowFX series features robust, high-resolution magnetic encoders integrated into each fluid head. The arrowFX can precisely monitor and communicate, in real time, the exact position of the fluid head with zero latency. The arrowFX also features an Augmented Reality Interface (ARI) box, which works between the arrowFX Fluid Heads and renowned real-time graphics engines such as Vizrt, Orad and others. The interface provides accurate real-time pan, tilt, zoom and focus data, as well as lens geometry information, to create life-like precision augmented productions.    
The complete arrowFX line features a pan resolution of 1,589,246 counts per 360 degrees and a tilt resolution of 491,520 counts per 180 degrees. The arrowFX 3 is designed for lighter cameras and boasts a payload range of 1 - 19kg (2.2 - 41.8lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and 5+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions. The arrowFX 5 is ideal for larger rigs with longer lens where more drag is required.  It has a wide payload range from 2 - 21kg (4.4 - 46.2lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and 7+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions. The arrowFX 7 is best suited for heavier rigs, including in-studio and OB applications, and has a payload range from 6 - 25kg (13.2 - 55.1lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and 7+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions.  
Further validating the “THE RIGHT FEEL,” which is the hallmark of every Miller product, the Skyline 90 was designed in collaboration with the Ronford Baker Engineering Company, known for its work with heavy-duty fluid heads and tripods in the cinema industry. Designed to meet the stringent and rigorous standards presented by challenging environments and conditions of Outside Broadcast (OB), the Skyline 90 supports payloads of up to 165lbs. (75kg.) and features a robust, heavy duty construction.
The Skyline 90 has continuous counterbalance control that ranges from zero to 165lbs. (75kg.) at 12in. (30cm.) above the centre tilt axis and 15+0 selectable fluid pan-tilt drag positions to ensure the optimum drag for any lens focal length. With a sliding platform featuring 300mm of sliding range that glides smoothly and effortlessly with a full payload, the Skyline 90 easily balances heavy camera loads. It also comes with an auto safety lock to ensure a secure horizontal position when loading or dismantling heavy box lenses. The floating calliper pan and tilt locks with large metal levers can be operated simultaneously with one hand without causing picture disturbance. Two bubble levels located at either side of the head allow for convenient levelling.
Visit Miller Camera Support Equipment at BroadcastAsia 2017, Booth #4K3-05.
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