Mediaproxy Brings LogServer To IBC2019


AUS: Mediaproxy will highlight recent upgrades to its LogServer IP logging, monitoring and analysis system at IBC2019. 
Interactivity is a major consideration for broadcasters and service providers, particularly as social media is now how many people access video. Outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have different specific requirements for how material is prepared and Mediaproxy has incorporated dedicated tools for this into LogServer. These include features for cropping the image and altering the aspect ratio to make it better suited to mobile devices, in addition to the capability for inserting ad bumpers.
LogServer also supports SMPTE standards ST 2022-6 and ST 2110 (uncompressed media over IP formats). Both of these have been deployed in the field to service the growing use of new uncompressed IP formats. Mediaproxy is offering end-users greater flexibility using those formats even in virtual environments and at scale.
In addition, LogServer now fully supports the Ember+ control protocol, which further enhances monitoring automation and offers increased redundancy. Another upgrade is the ability to work with Mediaproxy's Monwall IP interactive multiviewer.
In addressing the needs of network operators running multiple stations and playout streams, there is a live source comparison tool. This identifies mismatched content in real-time and can compare one or more live sources using video material. An alert is sent to operators immediately if irregularities are detected.
"IBC is an important show for us as well as for the industry in general," said Erik Otto, Chief Executive Officer, Mediaproxy."As an engineering-drive company we lead through innovation. Mediaproxy is, to date, one of the few companies that are able to work with uncompressed IP formats on virtualised platforms. LogServer has become the trusted solution by broadcasters worldwide to ensure that the right content is at the right place at the right time and complies with the latest standards and regulations."
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