Matrox's Chiappini Appointed To AIMS Working Group


CAN: Matrox has announced that the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) has appointed David Chiappini, Vice President of Research and Development, Matrox Graphics Inc., as chair of its new AIMS Pro AV Working Group. 
As chair of the working group, Mr. Chiappini will leverage his extensive knowledge and experience developing compressed and uncompressed IP-based technologies to spearhead the establishment of a universal set of media-over-IP protocols for the professional AV and installed systems markets.
AIMS has successfully steered the development and widespread adoption of a truly open AV-over-IP protocol advanced and ratified by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards body. The SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite is the result of contributions from AV and broadcast manufacturers, IT companies, end users, service providers, content producers, broadcasters, and other ecosystem partners. Harnessing expertise from all areas of the value chain, standards bodies and working groups are focused on assuring interoperability, usefulness of assets, coordinated development of roadmaps, and propagation of powerful new applications. 
The purpose of the AIMS Pro AV Working Group is to define an open-standards approach to addressing the pro-AV world’s move toward IP-based media. The group’s efforts will evaluate and recommend existing standards and specifications from AES, AMWA, VSF, SMPTE, IEEE, and IETF that have already been broadly adopted by the media and entertainment industry, incorporating pro-AV market-specific features including security, HDCP support for protected content, and I/O control. The anticipated result of the AIMS Pro AV Working Group’s efforts is a flexible, future-proofed method for meeting video, audio, and data requirements of current and future pro AV solutions.
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