Masstech To Present Latest Developments


GBR: Masstech will demonstrate its range of hybrid cloud storage and workflow solutions at BroadcastAsia 2019. 
Also, on show will be two new releases – Clover, a turnkey content suite that bridges the gap between content storage and content management; and a Federated Search feature for its MassStore media object framework.
Masstech will highlight how FlashNet, its video-centric storage management solution, combines the flexibility of hybrid cloud with intelligent, content aware workflows to power the next-generation of optimised tiered storage environments. Whether broadcasters are looking to the cloud as a logical next-step in expanding their existing storage, or want to break free from the restrictive cloud options of a current archive provider, Masstech offers efficient cloud or hybrid cloud storage and the flexible pricing that will help them achieve operational and business targets.
“Allowing the integration of multiple private and public clouds into a single name-space, with the option to include existing or new on-premise storage, provides the highest degrees of flexibility, durability, efficiency, and cost-savings,” said Mike Palmer, Chief Technology Officer. “Compare this to siloed storage systems with independent buckets and disparate control layers which are not capable of these efficiencies. Masstech solves this issue, homogenizing multiple technologies and service providers into a single object storage name-space, transparent to the MAM, PAM or other management system.”
Clover is a comprehensive content suite that bridges the gap between content storage and content management for video-centric organizations that are not looking to implement enterprise-level MAM and content storage systems. Clover is an all-in-one solution that offers ingest, storage, transcoding, a configurable workflow engine, content lifecycle management, and a simple UI with a full broadcast toolset and a budget-oriented price tag.
It comes with pre-defined tape or cloud-based storage, integrated transcode and user-customizable workflows that allow users to automate content processing and delivery into multiple formats. The solution also has a simple, intuitive user interface with integrated media player that allows users to archive, view proxies, scrub, mark in- and out-points. It also enables partial file restore and embed content with enriched metadata that enables users to find their assets quickly and retrieve them with one click.
Masstech is also showing Federated Search, a new feature that enables Masstech users to locate and retrieve assets stored across multiple Masstech systems wherever in the world those systems might be physically or virtually located. Visitors to the Masstech booth can see how Federated Search makes global content sharing a simple reality, even when using disparate production and MAM systems. 
“One of the things that our customers have asked about is the ability to not only search across sites, but within systems from differing vendors,” added Palmer. “Federated Search enables organisations such as these to search and retrieve assets from across their entire storage pool, regardless of the MAM or PAM that created and processed the content.”
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