Imagine Products And StorageDNA Debut myLTOdna


USA: Imagine Products and StorageDNA will present their joint long-term storage solution, myLTOdna, in its European debut at IBC2018. 
The two companies have collaborated on an integrated solution that enables random access to files on an LTO tape, essentially turning it into a hard drive with HyperTape – an LTFS adaptation that was previously not available. The results are time savings and easier access to assets in production and postproduction workflows.
The new solution is an integration between Imagine Products' myLTO tape-authoring application and StorageDNA's HyperTape high-performance, direct-access tape solution. The result is an intuitive user interface with which to administrate HyperTape operating modes manually or automatically from creative applications such as Imagine Products' PrimeTranscoder.
"This solution is a first for the industry," said Doug Hynes, Senior Director, Business Development for StorageDNA. "No other company can provide direct access from an LTO tape with an easy-to-use interface. By joining forces with Imagine Products and integrating our capabilities, we are providing media professionals with the simplest and fastest LTO workflows available today."
myLTOdna is the Mac-based, front-end interface for HyperTape. It allows users to switch modes of operation and direct HyperTape to train, write, and read to and from an LTO tape. With myLTOdna, users can now access files directly on tape without having to restore them for sequential operations such as transcoding, ingest, or QC. Instead, they can drag and drop files to or from tape at the desktop level at speeds exceeding 300 megabytes per second. Those benefits can save facilities hundreds of hours in time and resources.
"Together with StorageDNA, we've created a cutting-edge solution unlike any other – a way to access files from an LTO tape like you would a hard drive," said Michelle Maddox, Marketing Director at Imagine Products. "This kind of LTO solution has never been available before, and we look forward to sharing it with a European audience at IBC."
myLTOdna benefits any segment of the media and entertainment industry in which ever-increasing amounts of content regularly exceed spinning-disk storage capacities. It is especially useful for field/camera file offloads, post-production facilities receiving field/camera files, facilities wanting to manage their online storage capacity levels, and those looking to keep files long term for repurposing.
Those who use myLTOdna with PrimeTranscoder can still archive to LTO tape with standard LTFS (myLTO) and use all the functions of PrimeTranscoder, such as transcoding files to useable formats, stitching together clips, burning in timecode, performing colour correction, and adding watermarks.
myLTOdna and PrimeTranscoder are available from the Imagine Products and StorageDNA websites, while LTO drive licenses for HyperTape powered by dnaLTFS are available through StorageDNA's reseller channel.
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