IMT Vislink Partners With Frontline On newsnet Vehicle


USA: xG Technology has announced a partnership between IMT Vislink and Frontline Communications to deploy a customised newsnet ENG vehicle for performing on-site demonstrations at broadcast client locations.

The newsnet vehicle will offer the customer the opportunity to test, in real-time, the capabilities of the newsnet system using their own studio facilities and receive system equipment, and how it interacts with their components. A typical newsnet mobile demo site will be comprised of the mobile assets, a base station site (mobile COW) and the newsnet studio control system to provide the interface and control between the remote demo vehicle and the studio workflows.

IMT Vislink has had a close working relationship with Frontline Communications, the leading manufacturer of broadcast and communications vehicles, since the mid-1980s. They have collaborated on numerous projects involving the configuration of the classic ENG microwave van for delivery to customers, with vehicles that typically include a telescoping mast, indoor microwave transmitter and mast mount high-power RF unit. Using the Frontline newsnet demo vehicle, IMT Vislink will be able to replicate a real-world experience of how the newsnet system works at the customer's own location.

"Being able to demonstrate the potential studio workflow scenarios using the Frontline newsnet demo vehicle at a customer's own location will be extremely useful," says John Payne IV, President of IMT USA. "It's an excellent way for us to show how newsnet empowers broadcasters to maximise their coverage while fully leveraging their studio assets. Having multiple ENG points of view to operate at the same time and on the same BAS channel, while enabling a high-bandwidth IP connection with studio newsroom computer systems, is a game changer for the broadcast industry."

Steve Williamson, Director of Sales at Frontline, said: "We are pleased to work with IMT Vislink on this project to help promote their exciting newsnet ENG solution. IMT Vislink have a long history of supplying wireless communications innovations that accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, from increasingly-popular smaller, more manoeuvrable lower-profile vehicles to equipment for use in larger production vehicle systems."

Newsnet establishes a secure, reliable, high-speed, bi-directional IP network that can significantly enhance ENG transmission and workflow. Newsnet has the flexibility to support traditional content newsgathering activities while also delivering completely new workflow capability in the field using IP network architecture. Newsnet fully leverages reliable BAS spectrum that can be used without fear of contention, congestion or blocking.

For broadcasters, newsnet optimises workflow efficiencies through lower OPEX costs, as well as lower cellular connectivity costs resulting from a reduced need for bonded cellular transmission. In addition to its impressive bandwidth management capability, newsnet can also utilise a newsnet base station (or receive site) with multiple simultaneous mobile newsnet assets using the same frequency.

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