IBC Launch For i4Things Consolomio


NED: i4Things is set to launch Consolomio at IBC2019, the first fully cloud-based Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) solution for operators and ISPs.
The white-label SHaaS solution supports a range of affordable white-label devices and also integrates with Sonos, IKEA Smart Home, Philips Hue, Nest and other known brands. It allows service providers to launch, within no time, an attractive Smart Home offering with pre-defined starter packs and use cases, hassle-free and with a fair pay-as-you-grow pricing model.
The solution has been designed for telecommunication, internet, pay-TV, insurance and utility service providers and will be on display at stand 14.B33.
“The smart home market is growing rapidly but is currently fragmented between multiple brands with competing and often incompatible technologies,” said Rob Wolters, Managing Partner, i4Things. “Our strategy is to provide a fully managed, secure, scalable and future-proof platform that allows any service provider to launch an attractive smart home service. This – in telco terms – “Penta-play” service proposition, allows them to tap into new revenue streams, to reduce churn and to outpace competition.
“With security built-in by design including fully encrypted communication, automated device password rotation and deep privacy settings, service providers can overcome many of the fears that consumers may have. With its easy setup and self-installation by the user, Consolomio is truly designed for the mass-market. It offers a single, intuitive user interface to manage your entire Smart Home at home and on the go. We provide a broad range of affordable devices and integrate with the major Smart Home retail brands, such as Sonos, IKEA, Philips hue and Amazon Alexa.”
“Communication and utility services providers are in the perfect position to capitalise on the smart home revolution through their existing subscriber relationship, billing and trusted brands,” continued Wolters. “i4Things provides a completely open and modular Smart Home as a Service platform allowing the service provider to define own use-cases and sell pre-packaged Starter-Packs (e.g. Security, Comfort, Energy and Care). Consolomio also integrates with existing back-end systems of the service provider: our “Operator Console” provides a unique service monitoring and management tool for full transparency of the service and pro-active aftersales support.”
At IBC2019, Consolomio will be shown with a variety of use-cases, devices and scenarios. In addition, i4Things will also launches its new “Smart Home TV Dashboard” which combines IPTV and Smart Home in a single TV user interface. Another highlight will be the Consolomio Control Panel, a wall mount touchscreen device providing the end-user an overview of their Smart Home and the convenience of control at a central spot in the home.
“We put a lot of development effort to create the best-in-class Smart Home experience for the mass-market, therefore i4things takes care of the life cycle management of all integrated smart devices and UIs within the ecosystem. The service provider and their customers should not need to worry about ongoing device integrations, updates of firmware and APIs, security and ongoing support. This makes Consolomio a true fully-managed service offering,” concluded Wolters.
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