IABM Membership Reaches Over 600 Companies


GBR: More than 600 companies are now IABM members, the association has confirmed.
Over the last six years, IABM membership has doubled and now represents every sector, market, geography and company size from start-ups to SMEs to multinational organisations. Together, these companies represent the vast majority of revenues in the sector. During those six years, IABM has expanded its range of services and support for members across business intelligence, knowledge resources, technology services and training & education, as well as developing a network of Regional Members’ Councils to concentrate on local issues. In addition, IABM membership brings floorspace discounts at a number of international shows, as well as member lounges.
The last six years has also seen IABM working hard to provide platforms to bring all sides of the industry together to better face the increasing pace of transformation in Broadcast and Media. Central to this has been the BaM Content Chain – the new industry model that accurately reflects the way the industry works today – and also the recently launched Technology and Trends Roadmap, which provides a shared focus for both technology vendors and buyers in developing their technology and business strategies. The IABM-curated Future Trends Theatre, introduced at IBC2018 and successfully reprised at the 2019 show, provided another major platform for knowledge sharing, which IABM has said it intends to expand to other events around the world in 2020, together with a growing schedule of IABM BaM Summits running alongside a number of international and regional shows.
The association has recently initiated a major cross-industry survey to discover what other useful services and support it could offer to help guide its future plans. 
“We are stronger together,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM. “IABM will continue to support our global membership with a huge range of services and resources as industry transformation continues to accelerate. As well as taking on ideas and initiatives that come out of our industry survey, we know that companies need help now with business transformation and we are already putting in place tools and resources to support them on their journeys. Our goal is to make our offer so compelling that every technology vendor in broadcast and media becomes an IABM member.”
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