Hispasat Delivers Satcom Solution For El Escorial


ESP: Hispasat has confirmed it is providing a technological solution for satellite communications for this year’s UCM summer courses in El Escorial.
The company is again sponsoring the 2019 Summer Courses, which are organised every year by the Complutense University of Madrid in the El Escorial – María Cristina Royal University Centre, held from 1 to 26 July.
HISPASAT is collaborating in the courses by providing the Complutense University with a technological solution to set up the satellite link. The link will be used by news and TV programmes that want to send up-to-date course images and news made by the Complutense University production company (UCMTV).
HISPASAT creates the link through the space capacity of its H30W-6 satellite, located in the 30o West orbital position, making all the equipment necessary to broadcast the television signals available to the university. 
With the technological sponsorship of the UCM Summer Courses, HISPASAT contributes to spreading knowledge and education, facilitating access to the scientific and cultural information from the courses. 
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