Ethiopia's FANA TV Completes FlashNet Expansion


GBR: Ethiopia’s FANA TV, which commenced broadcasting in September 2017, has completed a major expansion of its FlashNet storage solution. 
The project saw the 150TB capacity system installed at FANA TV’s headquarters in Addis Ababa expanded by an additional 240TB of mirrored disk storage. The upgrade was overseen by Athens-based systems integrator Telmaco SA, which also managed the initial installation as part of its work on the original buildout of the broadcaster’s state-of-the-art facility. 
The FlashNet storage ecosystem from Masstech integrates with an Avid Interplay Production Asset Management system and Aveco Astra Automation Systems via dedicated plugins, providing an automated bridge between the broadcaster’s systems that enables rapid access to FANA TV’s assets. Enriched metadata is stored with the assets throughout their lifecycle, enabling FANA TV’s media and broadcast departments to manage large repositories of media assets and quickly locate and retrieve relevant content ready for post-production, programming and playout.
“Masstech FlashNet was chosen over other solutions for its ability to manage all assets reliably and efficiently across all storage tiers and the native integration to the other systems in FANA’s media operations, enabling the broadcaster to distribute content to different locations and key systems across all departments,” said Drossos Kyriazis, Managing Director, Broadcast, Telmaco. “FlashNet meet FANA TV’s complex storage requirements and kept the overall cost of the infrastructure very low.”
Additional benefits for FANA TV include the ability to effectively prioritise work and manage multiple simultaneous requests for content retrieval. Operational costs have also been substantially reduced by eliminating manual intervention via automated, policy-based content placement and migration across multiple digital storage tiers.
“The assets owned and managed by all broadcaster and content owners represent considerable financial, creative and cultural value,” said George Kilpatrick, CEO, Masstech Innovations. “Unless they are stored and managed effectively it can be difficult to achieve ROI on asset storage and management. We are delighted to be able to help ensure FANA TV’s digital environment continues to scale along with the broadcaster’s impressive ambitions.”
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