Etere Software For Closed Captions


SIN: Etere delivers advanced subtitle management software that enables users to insert/edit closed captions instantly before broadcast. 
Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption software is an integrated and versatile solution, able to meet all of a user’s subtitling requirements with full support for CEA 708, CEA 608, DVB and ARIB closed captions. Etere supports unlimited users and multi-language compatibility, while its distributed architecture and redundancy ensures a reliable performance at every stage of the workflow.
Etere provides users with cost-effective software tools that improves operational efficiency and the future scalability of the system. The versatile Subtitling and Closed Caption solution was designed and implemented with adaptability in mind. It is capable of integrating into any automation system with minimal change to the existing operational procedures. It does not require hardware and is highly cost-efficient.
Etere also offers the best Speech-to-Text feature available on the market with its integrated support for Google Speech-to-Text which supports up to 120 languages and variants. With this feature, text from audio in a file is streamed instantly and automatically. The feature works with real-life speech and is capable of accurately transcribing proper nouns, format dates and numbers. The software also features full support for Unicode language, TrueType fonts and spell-check for multiple languages.
With its integrated MOS connectivity and teleprompter support, users are able to connect with Newsroom seamlessly and quickly for live captioning. Etere users are also fully equipped to connect directly to newsroom via FTP connection to manage closed captioning for live news.
In addition, users are able to import and export closed captions, manage live captioning and multi-language subtitling across all platforms, major standard formats and frame-rates.
In a fast-paced environment such as broadcast production, connectivity is an important feature in every software. Etere supports web preview and real-time edits from any web browser. With an internet connection, Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption software can be accessed from any location.
Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption software also comes with an integrated transcoder that can be used to embed closed captions without exiting the software.
Etere MOS connector connects with NCS Server to receive rundowns and import subtitles from the rundown directly with extremely fast speed and accuracy for live subtitling. Captions can be inserted/edited even minutes before being on-air, making it a highly reliable solution for all types of requirements.
Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption software is compatible with any automation system.
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