Etere Secures DNRTV Project


SGP: Etere has been selected to manage the end-to-end broadcasting workflow of the Dong Nai Radio and Television (DNRTV) Station in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. 
Etere MERP solutions will provide the media company with a reliable and scalable integrated end-to-end solution. Etere worked closely with its distributor, Universal Broadcast Pte Ltd for the project. 
Etere empowers DNRTV with the deployment of the numerous Etere software solutions, bringing to the TV station the reliability and agility to support all of its mission-critical operations. 
The solutions include Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) which enables a highly-efficient workflow capable of managing the end-to-end process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets and metadata. Etere MAM streamlines the digital workflow with a centralised database and seamless workflow orchestration, backed by an effective real-time workflow. It helps users lower operating costs with a centralised administration and the use of automation tools to reduce manual tasks.
Supported by Etere's workflows, Etere MAM is able to manage all digital content requirements, including complex workflows and multi-platforms media assets with a single integrated software. At every stage of the workflow, operators are equipped with real-time updates, visual representation of all workflow processes and statuses. Benefits of the solution include shorter delivery to market time, centralised management of all digital assets, increased operational efficiency, lower operating costs and simplified workflows even for multiple assets with different requirements. 
Etere QC is an efficient software that automatically detects and marks audio and video issues including freeze frames, black frames, scene changes and audio loss on all assets' EDL, both prior or after media operations. Users are also able to customise detection profiles and results are stored in the database using standard format.  
Etere NLE integration for Etere MAM enables a tight integration with non-linear editing systems (NLEs) including Adobe Premiere Pro. It provides editors with a secured web portal for the management of media content across major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. With this tool, video editors, producers, directors and journalists are able to manage all tasks from a single integrated interface without switching screens, resulting in a better efficiency. 
Etere Executive Scheduling is a complete broadcast scheduling system that provides all the tools for the management of primary and secondary events, licensed content, commercial contracts, missing materials, imported materials and regional ad insertions. Integrated with import and export capabilities, users of Etere Executive Scheduling are equipped to manage the end-to-end process of broadcast scheduling including rights management, custom reports, search capabilities, automation controls and media preview.
It is also capable of managing the organisation of pre-planned broadcast schedules. With seamless connectivity and a centralised database, Etere is able to accommodate dynamic requirements and amendments in broadcast scheduling, an indispensable feature in today's fast-moving broadcasting landscape.  
Etere Workflow is an essential part of the broadcasting lifecycle, equipping Etere users with the flexibility to modify the system's configurations to fulfil the company's requirements. It allows operators to have full control of the inner workings of the system, including the creation and modification of broadcasting procedures, operations insertions and operations sequences. Other features of this module include visual representation of every step in the workflow, smooth execution of multiple independent actions, and preparation of content for multiple screen deliveries.
Etereweb is a software solution that allows users to work beyond the physical limitations of a fixed location. The web platform is supported by all common web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It also supports non-linear editing systems including Adobe Premiere Pro. Etereweb offers real-time information exchanges and all the commonly-used features of Etere, on a web platform. It serves as a digital platform that connects customers, distributors and product managers for a more efficient and collaborative workflow.  
Etere Resources Management facilitates a seamless integration between digital assets, resources and workflow processes and enables the optimisation of all resources in the broadcasting lifecycle from production to post-production. Combined with real-time monitoring and assignment of resources, Etere Resource Management allows operators to track and optimise resources effectively in a coordinated and integrative manner. 
Etere Tape Loan Management provides a 360 degrees overview of all tape loans including fast loans, an on-air library, loan receipts printouts and a convenient returns feature with bar code scanning. All tapes and related data are stored in the Etere database for a reliable management throughout the workflow from initial loan to return. 
Etere Ingest provides a comprehensive and flexible software solution to manage the complete ingestion process of any broadcast system. It is modular, integrative and flexible, capable of real-time capture of SD/HD media from any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream. With Etere Ingest, operators are also provided with HiRes previews for quality checks of ingested media. 
Etere SNMP Console is a software solution that integrates and consolidate all aspects of the broadcasting system monitoring with innovative features to facilitate system monitoring within a single platform. Etere SNMP console monitors the performance of every component and machine in the system with real-time data. It features a user-friendly interface that shows different panels for a quick monitoring of specific functions. Etere SNMP console also detects heartbeats and sends a visual-alarm as well as real-time email notification to the operations department if a system error is detected.  
Lastly, Etere HSM Tape Library is another software solution capable of managing all archives, including a mix of both proprietary and industry file systems with a single control interface. It is also able to consolidate information on the archives located across multiple geographical locations. Users can manage both high- and low-resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies. Etere HSM is also capable of driving multiple copies of the tape (up to three copies) that can be saved in the library or off the shelf.
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