Egripment Unveils New Digital Line


GER: Egripment Support Systems will unveil a number of new systems for product automation and augmented reality at this year’s IBC show.
“This year will be even more mind blowing than the year before,” said Richard Villhaber, Vice President and Sales Director for Egripment. “Our latest state-of-the-art products and AR solutions, are easy-in-use and have a user-friendly interface.”
At IBC2019, a new Motion Tracker for Egripment’ s digital line of Remote Systems will be introduced.
The Egripment Digital Line of Remote Heads has added a new feature, making it possible to track moving objects or subjects and send the 3D position data to the Remote System allowing it to follow it automatically. The real-time data provided ensures that the camera can follow its object or subjects accurately. Egripment’s camera-based tracking system can constantly track moving objects or subjects without the necessity of calibrating the camera in real-world.
The complexity of the system and processing time is less due to the unnecessary camera unit conversions and calibrations. The system consists of two subsystems: vision and motion. The vision subsystem identifies and locates the object in 3D scene by means of image processing techniques and motion control algorithms direct the camera towards the object. The objective of the vision control is to make sure that the moving object is always at the centre of the camera image plane. The system imitates eye tracking ability of a human when he always tends to focus on moving object within the range of its view before any action is taken.
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