Dalet Lays Foundation For Future of Broadcast At BVE


GBR / FRA: Dalet Digital Media Systems, a leading provider of solutions and services for media organisations, will be kicking off the year with new product launches and future-thinking broadcast solutions at BVE.

Dalet will showcase new solutions and workflows that help content producers evolve the way they work.

Arnaud Elnecave, VP of Marketing at Dalet said: "As audiences keep demanding new formats and dictating on which platform they want to consume that content, having the ability to continuously adapt and realign strategies and operations has become a must for content producers and distributors.

"Transitioning to an open, agile, unified and orchestrated framework is the common denominator we clearly see in the technology investments of most of our customers, which ever segment of our industry they are in. The Dalet Galaxy platform offers a perfect foundation for this transition, combining an advanced Workflow Engine with the industry renowned MAM capabilities, a comprehensive set of powerful user tools and a wide ecosystem of connected partner technologies. "When put together, this enables to deploy very comprehensive, collaborative and agile solutions to effectively manage complex workflows such as program & promos management, news & sports production, radio operations and multiplatform distribution.

"At BVE this year our team will be showcasing some of the latest enhancements of the platform with a highlight on collaboration tools, workflow orchestration and multi-platform distribution."

Helping facilities and operators maximize production efficiencies across departments and operations, the Dalet Galaxy Workflow Engine automates a combination of user tasks and media services such as ingest, logging, editing, transcoding, wrapping, file transfers and file-based QC from a single platform. The user-friendly Workflow Designer interface lets administrators intuitively model business processes by simply drag and dropping from a palette of stencils that span user tasks and notifications, media and metadata services, gateways, timeout and error management, and much more.

Connecting over 90 industry-leading vendors from file delivery, to QC, storage & infrastructure technologies, post-production tools, the Dalet Galaxy API provides a gateway to all the platform services. This gives facilities all the openness and flexibility required to build a robust, best-of-breed solution of their choice.

Rounding out the key innovations is the new Dalet Report Center. Tapping into the multiple dimensions of the deep Dalet Galaxy data model, the Dalet Report Center provides executives, content managers and system administrators with relevant data insights that allow them to identify and replicate editorial success, effectively address new revenue streams based on more in depth analysis of audience data, better use talent based on productivity, and optimize the provisioning of technical infrastructures.

The new Dalet Galaxy-based Radio takes broadcasters beyond the span of their transmitters to deliver a next generation radio experience. Combining cost efficient multimedia production and multi-platform distribution under one platform, the comprehensive solution features 'traditional' robust and proven applications like Dalet OnAir automation and Dalet Galaxy core multimedia asset manager, as well as latest generation tools like Dalet OneCut multitrack desktop editor, bi-directional exchange with social platforms and connectors to new partner technologies for multi-camera visual radio production including graphics. This new release directly addresses all the needs of the radio broadcast market's growing demand for comprehensive multimedia solutions.

Dalet Unified News Operations is a robust framework combining all the traditional functions of news production and distribution into a scalable, comprehensive, flexible and agile solution. The unified production approach offers federated tools for streamlining ingest, logging, editing, graphics, planning and distribution across the operation, with the Dalet Workflow Engine to automate and orchestrate complex workflows, data migrations and distribution. The Dalet API provides advanced integrations with third-party and custom applications such as CMS solutions.

Efficient data-driven operations become critical as social media news consumption keeps proving the norm. Enhancements to the Dalet Galaxy platform make publishing to social channels an easy and intuitive newsroom operation, allowing broadcasters to better cater to these new consumer habits.

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