DNF Controls & 360 Systems Solution Bundle


USA: DNF Controls together with 360 Systems have unveiled a solution bundle to enable scheduled record/playout of video server-based programme and commercial content.

The affordable bundle incorporates a bespoke edition of DNF Controls' proven SPS series - an operator-friendly server management system for calendar-based acquisition and play-to-air scheduling - in conjunction with 360 System's versatile new TSS range of multi-format video servers.

The DNF application offers Time-of-Day, Back-to-Back, Manual, and Remotely Triggered playout, as well as Secondary Events using GPI/O or optional protocols to control routers, master control switchers, graphics, and more. Drag & Drop functionality allows quick playlist modification - edit or append; add or delete elements - even while the list is running.

"Our companies have both survived and thrived through numerous format changes and media technology advancements; it was a pleasure to combine forces with 360 Systems to develop a common-sense solution that makes the business of content delivery more accessible," said Dan Fogel, Chief Technology Officer of DNF Controls.

"Combining DNF's functionality with our multi-format TSS Server line gives our users a sophisticated, yet cost-effective content scheduling option. DNF's support helps us continue to offer budget-friendly video server solutions without a sacrifice in quality or reliability," added John Hall, 360 Systems' director of global sales.

The combined DNF/360 solution is available for immediate delivery through 360 Systems.

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