Caton Provides Lotus TV Transmission From Macau To Hong Kong


MAC / HKG: Caton Technology is providing managed transmission services to Lotus TV to link Macau to Hong Kong.

Today, satellite uplink for TV programmes is getting more and more affordable and easy. However, the cost to send these programmes to the satellite teleport for uplink continues to be a challenge. Running miles and miles of fibre or dedicated line is the most common way but also the most expensive way, even between two close cities like Macau and Hong Kong. While 62.2km separates these two cities, it is still very costly to deliver broadcast quality video.

Lotus TV in Macau faced this issue. How could they cost effectively provide their live transmission signal to their satellite provider's teleport without using a dedicated fibre connection. The cost of the traditional method was prohibitive. However, using Caton Technology's transmission service, Lotus TV discovered a solution to lower this cost.

Caton Technology provides a game changing protocol called The Caton Engine, which transmits high bitrate, high quality and stable video streams over open IP networks. Real-time Reliable Transport Protocol (R2TP) is the real-time video profile of The Caton Engine with advanced ARQ and Dynamic Error Correction for unstable networks. Using active network monitoring and an array of unique transport control features like time stamp awareness and multi-IO, this dynamic and deep learning aware protocol is changing the way of video transmission over the open internet.

Lotus TV in Macau needs to send out their programme at 6Mbps, 24/7, to Hong Kong. The open internet between Macau and Hong Kong can experience up to 30% packet loss. Thanks to Caton's R2TP technology, the satellite teleport receives 100% of the transport even under these harsh conditions. The power of the Caton Engine provides a management layer on this internet connect allowing for guaranteed delivery even under extreme network condition.

The setup has two separate channels, a main and backup, using two open internet lines to send out the video signals. Receiving in Hong Kong teleport by two open internet lines from different ISPs for redundancy.

The video signal is received by the Caton Relay Server at the teleport which is able to provide monitoring and management before handing over the ASI signal for uplink. Caton provides this fully managed solution to Lotus TV, giving them an easy method to deliver their live channels to satellite, all at a cost effective price.

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