CNBC Indonesia Leverages Etere ETX


SIN: CNBC Indonesia has selected Etere ETX to manage its channel automation. 
Etere has enhanced the news channel with its intuitive master control complete with touchscreen features. The solution has provided CNBC Indonesia with an automation software to streamline operations and enhance its operational efficiency in any media and broadcasting workflow. 
CNBC Indonesia is leveraging the advantages of Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) framework to power its automation and playout. Etere MERP is capable of connecting and integrating all data in a company workflow, including internal and external information across distributed departments. The result is a seamless integrated workflow with updates in real-time, enabling CNBC to benefit from having faster content deliveries which, in turn, allows it to respond and adapt quickly to market demands.
With Etere ETX and the Etere ETX Master Control system, CNBC has streamlined its playout workflow. CNBC Indonesia is using the Etere software to insert tickers (pictured left) showing breaking news and financial market updates. With the Etere MERP framework, information is delivered seamlessly across every step of the workflow even when the involvement of multiple departments and stakeholders is needed. Etere manages rights management, graphics insertion and approvals with a single interface, enabling CNBC to deliver content faster and more accurately.
Etere ETX is a channel-in-a-box system that reduces overall operating costs and enhances operational efficiency. Etere ETX combines the best of IT into an integrated, software-based CIAB solution for a seamless video management and playout. Etere ETX features full IP in and out capabilities as well as support for multiple frame rates. It comes equipped with a powerful ingest and playout engine that produces professional 4K video quality. It also supports all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry and is capable of a fully compliant DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) stream, as well as multiple layers of 3D and 2D graphics. 
Etere ETX Master Control enhances the video and graphics capabilities of CNBC Indonesia's IT-based playout. It features a digital screen with touchscreen capabilities, customised transition effects, tickers and crawlers, preset and preview bars for fast switching, unlimited number of input channels, crawl, CG effects, video switching including transitions effects as well as support for multiple PC installations.
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