Bluefish444 To Highlight KRONOS Range Of Cards


AUS / NED: Bluefish444, manufacturer of high-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP and HDMI I/O cards, and mini converters, for the professional video industry, will be demonstrating the KRONOS range of video and audio I/O cards at IBC2017.

The KRONOS range expands the feature set of Bluefish444's Epoch video cards, which support up to 4K 60p workflows. KRONOS is developed for additional workflows requiring Ultra HD up to 8K, high frame rates up to 120fps, high dynamic range and VoIP.

With these capabilities, Bluefish444 cards are developed to support all areas of TV and feature film production, post-production, display and restoration, virtual reality and augmented reality. For use in theme parks, music concerts, sporting and outdoor events, the KRONOS range is also recommended for single and multi-card support enabling 8K/4K/2K imagery presented across one or more screens or projectors.

KRONOS adds video processing technologies including resolution scaling, video interlace and de-interlace; hardware codec support, SDI to IP and IP to SDI conversion, and continues to offer the 12-bit colour space conversion and low-latency capabilities currently available in the Epoch family of video cards.

Real-time graphics systems will benefit from the KRONOS range's ability to achieve the highest level of quality, reliability and low latency, whilst adding multiple streams of 4K Ultra HD and high frame rate video I/O demanded by sports and live event coverage.

"Bluefish444 are pleased to be running technology demonstrations of KRONOS at IBC Show 2017," stated Tom Lithgow, Product Manager at Bluefish444.  "The KRONOS video card range has been eagerly awaited by Bluefish444 Developer and Professional customers, looking to achieve multi-channel 4K workflows and Video Over IP connectivity. IBC Show will give visitors an opportunity to see KRONOS prototypes used in some of these workflows."

HDMI 2.0 I/O, Hardware Acceleration, additional SMPTE 2022 IP standards and emerging IP standards are earmarked for future support via firmware updates.

KRONOS will offer the choice of SDI I/O connectivity with the KRONOS elektron featuring eight high density BNC connectors capable of SD/HD/3G SDI. Each HD BNC connector is fully bi-directional enabling numerous configuration options including eight input, eight output, or a mixture of SDI input and output connections.

The KRONOS optikós offers future proofing connectivity with three SFP+ cages in addition to two HD BNC connectors for SD/HD/3G SDI I/O. The SFP+ cages on KRONOS optikós provide limitless connectivity options with potential for greater than 3G SDI, IP connectivity across 10Gb Ethernet, and flexibility to choose from numerous physical interfaces.

All KRONOS cards will have an eight lane Gen 3 PCIe interface to achieve the fastest full duplex DMA. KRONOS will provide access to high bandwidth UHD, high frame rate and high dynamic range video I/O and processing, across traditional SDI, IP SMPTE 2022 standards and emerging IP standards.

Supported by Bluefish444's cross platform unified driver and API, the KRONOS range is set to become the highest quality, most reliable solution for high-bandwidth multi-channel video, audio and data I/O solution available in the industry.

Bluefish444 will be showing the KRONOS range on stand at IBC2017.

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