Bluefish444 Compatible With Streamstar SW


AUS: Bluefish444 has announced expanded compatibility with Streamstar SW to include Epoch | Neutron, Epoch | 4K Neutron, and Epoch | Supernova CG I/O.

Streamstar SW is the most advanced, innovative and versatile live production and streaming software, enabling users to easily produce and stream professional, live, multi-camera video productions. Streamstar has a broad range of productivity features, unmatched speed and the revolutionary, intuitive, touch-screen user interface, allowing for remarkable speed and ease of use.

Bluefish444 and Streamstar have worked together to qualify additional Bluefish444 video I/O cards with Streamstar SW, which now supports the entire Epoch I/O card range. Streamstar with Bluefish444 Epoch gives users a high quality, multi-channel SDI live production and streaming solution.

"Streamstar are a global leader in the live production and streaming market," said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish444. "With Streamstar now supporting a broader range of Bluefish444 video cards, their customers can choose the highest quality SDI I/O with more flexibility."

"Bluefish444 is regarded as one of the best graphics interface card manufacturers. Their configuration options enable our customers to do exactly what they want without compromising anything. We are happy to include Bluefish444 among our supported I/O cards, and will continue in our collaboration, which definitely is a bonus for our customers," states Michal Ivanic, CTO at Streamstar.

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