Bluebell Releases New IP Solutions


GBR: Bluebell Opticom has announced new IP solutions to support SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 and SMPTE ST 2110.
With the launch of Edgware and the BB450-IP, Bluebell has delivered a suite of products that enable customers to transition from base-band media to IP using SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 or SMPTE ST 2110 standards.
The Edgware Encapsulator module is a simple, yet powerful, edge device that sits between video and IP networks. It accepts SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI which is then mapped to IP and multicast over standard 10G networks. A PC-based GUI or Ember+ control enables the user to configure IP addresses, so the unit can pass uncompressed media to the Decapsulator. Using hitless transfer protocol, the live content arrives unchanged.
Complimenting Edgware, the BB450-IP offers eight analogue audio channels along with one 3G-SDI video signal which are encapsulated in either SMPTE 2022-6/7 or SMPTE 2110 and presented on a 10G Ethernet fibre network using unicast or multicast for maximum performance. The unit is controlled either by the front panel touchscreen or via the in-band GUI hosted on any PC on the network. Compatible with Ember+ Control systems, the BC450-IP can also be used as a Dante Edge device in SMPTE 2110 mode.
“With the growing momentum of SMPTE 2022-6/7 and SMPTE ST 2110 we are enabling our customers to bridge to IP workflows with the addition of the BB450-IP and Edgware products to our technology portfolio,” said Paul McCann, Managing Director at Bluebell. “With numerous solutions already deployed globally, we are perfectly positioned to deliver media over IP.”
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