Barnfind Expands BarnOne Platform


NOR / USA: Norweigan manufacturer Barnfind Technologies has responded to the industry demand for a frame that transports analogue audio signals with the launch of its BarnOne BTF1-10AA.

Wiggo Evensen, CEO, made the announcement about the latest addition to the company's multi-functional, signal neutral fibre transport platform from headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, and noted that the new unit will be demonstrated at NAB.

"We've already introduced the unit to several customers that requested it, and have received extremely positive feedback," says Evensen. "They are very pleased with the features that BarnOne BTF1-10AA offers, and noted that it meets their needs, especially when targeting the sports market."

Benno Sonder, Barnfind System Design Manager, added: "BTF1-10AA has all the interfaces necessary for a sports commentary position, including: a commentary unit with analogue line I/Os, several SDI and/or HDMI monitors, remote controlled Commentary Camera, several Ethernet connections for Graphics and Internet connectivity. All signals connect to the OB van via one single mode fibre, and a second redundant one, if required. In the OB van the MADI stream carrying the audio signals from the commentary unit connects directly to the audio console by BNC or optical, there is no additional DA conversion necessary."

The BTF1-10AA features an analogue audio interface and incorporates 8x balanced analogue line level inputs and outputs. The frame is equipped with high-end AD/DA converters which convert the analogue audio to MADI (AES10), enabling audio signals to be transported along with others in Barnfind's portfolio.
MADI has been a staple in Barnfind's signal transport spectrum from day one. BarnOne's signal neutral crosspoint matrix, together with the SFP and BNC interfaces, converts MADI from electrical to optical and from single mode to multimode at the same time, and vice versa. It can also distribute one MADI source to several destinations simultaneously. To complete the picture, the new BTF1-10AA frame houses an audio board with a 264x264 channel audio matrix featuring four bi-directional MADI interfaces that connect to the main matrix of the BarnOne frame, and eight balanced analogue line level inputs and outputs.
The board offers audio routing on a per channel base for all 4 MADI streams and the eight analogue ports, making the card a powerful single channel MADI-Router with analogue interfaces. In conjunction with the main matrix it can be used for MADI electrical-optical conversion or distribution. Alternatively, it can simply connect analogue audio equipment directly to the MADI interfaces of an audio console or core. The interface to the console can be optical single mode or multimode fibre or electrical by coax cable (BNC).

The BTF1-10AA also serves as a powerful MADI-Router for 4 MADI streams with interchangeable optical/electrical interfaces that houses all the functionalities of a BarnOne frame.

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