BBC Goes Live With ANNOVA's OpenMedia


GBR / GER: ANNOVA Systems has announced that the BBC has begun using ANNOVA's newsroom computer system for live broadcasts of both TV and radio.

The OpenMedia newsroom solution is being used across the West Midlands region in an initial rollout which will culminate in all users across 120 locations moving to the new OpenMedia system.

"We successfully finished this important milestone - the rollout of the pilot - to implement OpenMedia as a system for the journalists of the world's largest news organisation. It allows them to create thousands of stories every day and distribute them over a global network. The entire BBC team has worked with an incredible commitment to this goal and took this large-scale project to a success," said Michael Schüller, CEO of ANNOVA Systems.

Following a competitive and detailed procurement process, ANNOVA won the contract in February 2015 to provide the BBC with OpenMedia as its standard newsroom software.

The OpenMedia newsroom system supports both digital output and linear broadcasting, as well as delivering agency wires and enabling users to manage all input and output in the broadcast newsrooms. The OpenMedia systems provide a story-centric approach to newsroom operations both inside and outside news organisations via mobiles or tablets.

BBC News - on TV, radio and online - is the biggest provider of news in the UK, reaching three-quarters of adults in the UK each week in 2016/17; more than any other news provider. BBC News online attracted an average of just under 30 million weekly unique UK browsers in the last year.

In comparison with other news organisations the BBC remains by far the most trusted source of news in the UK. 57% of people said that the BBC is the one news source they would most likely turn to for news they trust and for accurate news coverage, with the next nearest provider at around 10%. The BBC is also the news source people say that they turn to for impartial news coverage, with 50% of the UK public saying the BBC is the one source they would turn to for impartial news, far ahead of all other news providers.

Pictured: BBC Building (Image: copyright BBC.)

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