Aveco Ad Juggler Lifts 'Best of Show' Award


USA / CZE: Aveco's Ad Juggler lifted the '2018 Best of Show Award' presented by TV Technology at NAB.

"Ad Juggler changes the game of ad optimisation in sports," said Pavel Potuzak, Managing Director for Aveco. "It represents a unique and important innovation in live global sports monetisation."

Ad Juggler, co-developed with one of the world's largest media companies, enables operators to hit one key to execute the proper type of sponsorship as a video and/or graphic, implementing a standing-order from traffic, posting to the as-run log, and reconciling to traffic and billing.

This easily brings significant new revenue. Selling such sponsorship is easy as viewer attention is at its highest. Aveco makes this extremely easy to accomplish.

Aveco's Ad Juggler can be located within a station or network master control room, a regional or national master control centralcast room, or it can be provided as a master control room service from a teleport or network service provider. Ad Juggler can be part of a primary master control, or it can be used only during sports events. And it is part of Aveco's award-winning ASTRA automation suite of tools.

Ad Juggler can also be used in a standalone configuration, using Aveco's Redwood Blue (powered by Harmonic) or using commercial-off-the-shelf hardware in Aveco's Redwood White.

Pictured: Aveco Managing Director Pavel Potuzak with the award.

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