Arvato's EditMate Streamlines TPC Projects


CHE: Arvato Systems has successfully implemented its VPMS EditMate project and MAM software at the Technology and Production Center (TPC) in Switzerland.

Recently TPC realised its first project with EditMate as a standalone solution used to manage editing projects and their associated media. The system enabled different users to work on different editing laptops from different locations, which was TPC's main aim.

The software is mainly used for playing digital channels such as Play SRF, YouTube and Facebook. So far, there hasn't been a structured technical solution for realising this work. The desired result was a lean, scalable system that optimally displays the unit's workflows and simplifies media management. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the established editing software of choice by the users.

"The project management solution EditMate, used in conjunction with Premiere, is exactly the right product for meeting TPC's requirements," said Stefan Eckardt, Head of Product and Portfolio Management, Arvato Systems.

EditMate ensures smoothly functioning processes while at the same time increasing technical quality. In order to consolidate and delete all data centrally in EditMate, Arvato Systems developed an ingest integration that makes it possible to import media and manage it directly from Premiere. In addition, the "Project-to-go" feature will also allow users in future to work on projects offline - for example at events - and then upload the video material to the central server. Alternatively, if desired, users will be able to take online projects with them.

Arvato Systems supervised the EditMate project from the first consultation to software installation and training in close cooperation with project partner and general contractor, Qvest Media. EditMate offers TPC numerous avenues for simplifying the company's everyday work: fixed format and design templates simplify the editing of video material.

The streamlined system provides clear project and media management and is also easy to administer and use. In addition to increasing efficiency, EditMate actively reduces data volumes by automatically deleting them. Since the team can now process its data both online and offline, they can also carry out their project design work faster and more flexibly.

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