ARRI Highlights For IBC2018


NED: ARRI highlights, debuts and launches for IBC2018 include:
  • ARRI Operator Control Unit OCU-1;
  • ARRI Vertical Format Adapter;
  • ARRI Advanced Power Unit Smart APU;
  • ARRI Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6x6;
  • ARRI Compact Bridge Plates;
  • ARRI Stellar;
  • ARRI Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1.
ARRI Operator Control Unit OCU-1 is an addition to the WCU-4 lens control system on ALEXA Mini, and enables operators to over-ride and return focus, zoom, and iris controls at the touch of a button. "This is a simple device that does exactly what the name implies," said Christine Ajayi, Product Manager PCA Electronic Control System at ARRI. "It gives camera operators full control of their lenses when they want it." 
The OCU-1 will help save precious time while framing shots, as the camera operator will always have the ability to control the lens, even when motors are attached. It allows control of focus, iris, and zoom whenever required for practical or creative reasons. The device enables control of EF lenses mounted on ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras without any additional external motors.  
Fitting into a long ARRI tradition of innovation, the OCU-1 will improve on-set efficiency and control. Small, lightweight, and easy to use, it has the same control wheel, display and LBUS integration as the ARRI Master Grips, and can be easily mounted onto common 15mm or 19mm rods, ARRI Rosette, or 3/8" mounts. The wheel can also be used to control the roll axis of the ARRI 
Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. ARRI plans to start shipping the OCU-1 later this year.
A new range of accessories is being launched by ARRI which includes brackets to help camera operators keep up with the latest filming trends, and a power unit that maintains electrical capabilities during battery changes.  
ARRI's new Vertical Format Adapter set enables ALEXA Mini operators to work towards the recent trend of mobile phone and tablet content captured as "portrait" footage, with the camera sensor orientated vertically. The adapter has been developed to meet the needs of fashion shoots, social media, and other mobile platforms.
The set of four lightweight brackets allows the ALEXA Mini and its viewfinder to be rotated 90° on its lens axis, effectively providing stability for filming on its side.  Most of the current camera support accessories for ALEXA Mini can be used in vertical content capture. 
Accessories such as the Compact Bridge Plates CBP-1 (19mm studio) and CBP-2 (15mm studio), the Broadcast Plate for ALEXA Mini or the Mini Adapter Plates MAP-1 and MAP-2 will mount with the same functionality as when used for regular footage. The ALEXA Mini rigged with the Vertical Format Adapter set can also be used with ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems, such as the TRINITY and the Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. In line with ARRI's usual attention to detail, the set comes with foam packaging which can be transferred directly to a travel case.
The Advanced Power Unit Smart APU (not shown), facilitates fast-paced filming by keeping camera and accessories powered during battery changes. The advanced hot swap camera power supply is a compact unit available as V-mount and Goldmount. It features an on-board battery buffer as well as six independent outputs. The battery technology is lithium-free and has no travel restrictions.  
ARRI Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6x6 a robust and adaptable addition to ARRI's LMB range. It allows for the same level of flexibility and creative possibilities as the LMB 4x5, which has proved very popular with camera operators and crews since it was launched just over a year ago.
"The LMB 6x6 will make short work of on-set challenges," said Philip Vischer, ARRI's Product Manager for PCA Mechanical Accessories. "It's streamlined and light, and altering the various applications doesn't require any supplementary tools - that will make set-ups really quick and easy."
The matte box is extremely versatile. For example, it works well with gimbals, drones, or Steadicam rigs when used in a single-filter configuration. It can be simply clamped to a lens, or it can be used with rod-mounts, either 15mm or 19mm studio rods, or - in conjunction with an adaptor - 15mm lightweight rods. It includes additional rotatable and non-rotatable filter stages in two different versions which can accommodate up to three 6.6 inch filters at any one time. Each filter tray has its own dedicated tray catcher.
The LMB 6x6 can be tilted 10 degrees up or down, with an optional swing-away tilt module, to avoid unwanted reflections. This module also allows for fast and easy lens changes without the need to dismantle the matte box. The set includes flags that fold flat for easier and more convenient storage. The LMB 6x6 is available as a complete set, or as individual elements - as a clamp-on set, for instance. In line with ARRI's usual attention to detail, it also comes with foam packaging which can be transferred directly to a travel case.  
ARRI is extending its range of Compact Bridge Plates for AMIRA and ALEXA Mini cameras. The Compact Bridge Plate CBP-2 for ALEXA Mini is readily adaptable for use with 15mm studio rods. The CBP-3 (19mm) and CBP-4 (15mm studio) are for use with AMIRAs. These new bridge plates are in addition to the CBP-1 (for ALEXA Mini with 19mm rods) which was released in October 2017.
This range of Compact Bridge Plates are ergonomically designed to be comfortable on the shoulder, sturdy on the dolly, and establish new standards in versatility, with a unique top-mount system which allows the bridge plate to be swiftly attached to industry-standard balance plates. A key feature is a revolutionary double pressure mechanism which allows the camera to be simply lifted off a tripod.
"We've been listening carefully to our users," says Jeanfre Fachon, Product Manager for ARRI Camera Accessories, "and a recurring theme has been a desire to make transitions on set slicker and easier. The Compact Bridge Plates address that issue."
Lightweight 15mm rods can be used natively on the AMIRA Compact Bridge Plates (CBP-3 and CBP-4) and they can be used with the ALEXA Mini Compact Bridge Plates (CBP-1 and CBP-2) using an adapter (15mm LWS adapter for CBP). 
The Compact Bridge Plates have already been tested in the field and have received an enthusiastic welcome from crews. "The ability to pop in and out of studio mode is a significant timesaver," said cinematographer Logan Schneider.  
ARRI Stellar reimagines light control by automatically managing complex DMX settings and by featuring control interfaces with stunning graphic design. Stellar is the perfect app to quickly and easily control ARRI lights while on set. Whether a large film with many scenes and setups or a small project with just a few fixtures, Stellar is built to work in all scenarios. Coded intelligence and advanced communication make connecting ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures to the app simple and straightforward. After using Stellar, it will be difficult to go back to controlling lights in any other way.
Many lighting control devices rely on outdated and generic user interfaces.

Stellar has been imagined from the beginning to have beautiful graphic interfaces that are tailored to the different ways of selecting colour. Exploring colours in a native and intuitive design for a particular colour mode will make you never want to go back to faders. Complex colour modes like x, y coordinates become more accessible and open up this powerful tool for everyone. With a long list of feature additions already planned, Stellar will grow into a fully featured lighting control platform. Stellar is the "go-to" application for controlling ARRI fixtures as it seamlessly integrates functionality with great design making the task of adjusting lights effortless.
ARRI is launching new Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1 - an additional controller for use with its Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. The DRW-1 combines state-of-the-art digital technology with components inspired by earlier generations of the ARRIHEAD.

The heavy, hand polished, precision-engineered crank wheels are the same as were used on the mechanical ARRIHEAD. Bringing a mechanical touch and feel to a digital workflow, they provide operators with maximum control by producing a smooth, linear information stream, and enabling operators to trust their muscle memory.
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