AJA KUMO 3232-12G Now Shipping


USA: AJA Video Systems has commenced shipping its KUMO 3232-12G compact routers.
The routers feature 32x 12G-SDI inputs and 32x 12G-SDI outputs in a portable 2RU profile for flexible and cost-efficient 12G-SDI routing.
Designed for use in broadcast, production and proAV environments, KUMO 3232-12G supports large format resolutions, high frame rates and deep colour formats, while reducing cable runs when transporting 4K/UltraHD over SDI. KUMO 3232-12G offers network-based and/or physical control and mirrors the form of AJA’s KUMO 3232 routers, with the additional benefit of a new USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA’s eMini-Setup software. For emerging 8K workflows, KUMO 3232-12G is also equipped for multi-port gang-routing.
Features of the KUMO 3232-12G include 12G-SDI inputs and outputs for up to 4K/UltraHD support at 60p; Small, portable 2RU form factor; Single cable support for streamlined 4K/UltraHD signal routing; Redundant power supply option; Configure and save up to eight salvos per router; Auto re-clocking SDI rates: 270 Mbps / 1.483 / 1.485 / 2.967 / 2.970 / 5.934 / 5.940 / 11.868 / 11.880 Gbps; Support for AJA KUMO Control Panels (hardware, with direct connect or networked); USB port to easily configure the router IP address and simplify initial network configurations; Embedded web server for remote control on any standard web browser; and five-year warranty and support.
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