ADTH TOLKA Watermark Boosts Media Security


USA / SIN: Atlanta DTH (ADTH) has chosen BroadcastAsia 2018 in Singapore, June 26 to 28, as the APAC region launch platform for a major new development in broadcast media content protection.

Scheduled for demonstration on the ADTH stand, TOLKA Watermark claims to provide uniquely efficient safeguarding of creative content from revenue loss arising from illegal sharing, copying or redistribution. This goes beyond the capabilities of conditional access and digital rights management systems where protection stops once viewing access is granted.

The system is based on four component elements:

  • A TOLKA Watermark server with internet access;
  • TOLKA Watermark set-top-boxes;
  • A TOLKA Player;
  • A TOLKA analysis workstation.

This system enables checks on the content and identifies each watermark in the return path.

"TOLKA Watermark is by far the most effective and affordable method of content protection available," said Karlton Burn, ADTH Senior Vice President, APAC. "Watermarking analysis and decoding are performed as a cloud-based supporting service which identifies any playout devices associated with illegal use of protected content. Warning or blackout functions can be automatically activated in those devices."

Running on a dedicated server incorporating the company's patented Digital Signature Engine, TOLKA Watermark generates and inserts a digital signature specific to each customer's set-top box viewing interface.

Each digital signature is encrypted securely and invisibly within the transmitted programme content.

If suspected content is identified as an illegal copy made from a device on a direct-to-home operator's network, TOLKA Watermark can match the associated content with the unique signature associated with each TOLKA player.

Pictured: (Top) TOLKA Watermark encoding server and (bottom) system structure.

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